Eaton Centre Bridge

Toronto is a city in which its citizens are always trying to make connections.

In the 416, its all about connectivity.

People to people, business to business, and recently, with the redesign of the iconic Skywalk Bridge connecting the CF Toronto Eaton Centre with the Hudson’s Bay/ Saks store, Toronto is connecting building to building.

Originally constructed in 1977, and reopened this past November, the bridge (which sits just a block south of Panda) has become one of Toronto’s most Instagram-worthy spots.

Classified as a “pedestrian bridge”, the span which floats approximately one storey above Queen Street West, is meant to easily move shoppers exploring the neighbourhood’s iconic retail centres from one point to another, offers more than just a utilitarian experience.

As anyone who has walked it knows, the bridge offers an experience unto itself, making the journey even more special than the destination. 
Meant to facilitate commerce, the bridge is art. And it makes the already incredibly vibrant area that much more attractive.

This metal and glass structure will give you an aesthetically pleasing perspective you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Toronto. A glass tube allows you to check out what’s buzzing at Yonge and Queen, from a unique lens. The people. The shops. The food. The cars … All while elevated in a spiral of brilliant artistry. And that’s just the daytime view.

At night, the energy of the Eaton Centre neighbourhood- the lights of the traffic, the illuminated store fronts, the shiny faces of Toronto’s most fashionable pedestrians- combine to create a glowing vision, that must be experienced to be understood.
Whether you’re looking to update your summer wardrobe or shop for furniture to complete your new condo, take the bridge and explore your surroundings, Enter the bridge. Look ahead. And remember that just a bit of tunnel vision can offer a new and bigger perspective on the city we call home.

Photo courtesy of BlogTO